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Bread Slicer Blades – Reciprocating

“Proslice” from ADS Precision Ltd, Sheffield are manufacturers and suppliers of bakery band knives, and reciprocating bread slicer blades for high volume production or in high street bakeries.

  • All our bread slicer blades are manufactured from precision high grade steels
  • As well as our standard and high production grade blades, we also offer stainless steel blades and coated blades for tougher applications or longer life
  • Unlike other products on the market, “Proslice” blades have a unique “dura-edge” honing finishing process improving blade cut quality and blade life. After finishing grinding, normally the blade is offered to the market place, but our blades have a further honing process to remove any burr and give superior finish on the blade cutting edge.
  • Various material thicknesses, tooth profiles, lengths all manufactured to stringent quality standards and most important of all they are available at competitive prices on an ex-stock basis.
  • Razor like quality of our ultra-sharp blades give us the edge on our competitors
  • We supply reciprocating blades for all makes of slicing machines in the market today; Abo • Berkel • Clewe • Daub and Verhoeven Long/Short • Delta with holes • Delta with pins Dowson Shop • Dumbrill • Gasparin Long/Short • Heristal • Herlitzius • JAC • Kalmeijer Maho • Holtkamp • Mainca • Mono • National • Oliver • Record Blades with holes • Record Blades with pins • Renove • Rosen and Robert • Spain • Unimac • VLB • Wabama
  • We will be happy to look at any cutting application to advise the best type of blade to improve your cutting process for example achieving consistent flat clean straight cuts, less crumbling, speciality blades to illuminate thick and thin slicing and increasing your productivity

Contact us today on 0114 2347352 or via email sales@proslice.co.uk. Alternatively, forward your sample marked for the attention of Proslice with your contact details and we will contact you!