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Bread Slicer Blades & Band Knives

Proslice is the brand from ADS Precision Ltd, Manufacturers and suppliers of bread BAND KNIVES, and BREAD SLICER BLADES (reciprocating) for high volume production or in high street bakeries for ALL BREAD SLICING MACHINES.





  • Manufactured from precision high grade steels to resist fatigue and to ensure they are long lasting.
  • We offer stainless steel blades and coated blades for tougher applications or longer life
  • Unique “dura-edge” honing finishing process improving blade cut quality and blade life.
  • Further honing process to remove any burr and give superior finish on the blade cutting edge.
  • Various material thicknesses, tooth profiles, lengths all manufactured to stringent quality standards.
  • Competitive prices on an ex-stock basis.
  • Razor like quality of our ultra-sharp blades give us the edge on our competitors


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We will be happy to look at any cutting application to advise the best type of blade to improve your cutting process for example achieving consistent flat clean straight cuts, less crumbling, speciality blades to illuminate thick and thin slicing and increasing your productivity






PROSLICE Bread Slicer Blades for All Bread Slicing Machines:- 
Abo • Berkel • Clewe • Daub and Verhoeven Long/Short • Delta with holes • Delta with pins Dowson Shop • Downson Food Machinery • Dumbrill • Gasparin Long/Short • Heristal • Herlitzius • JAC • Kalmeijer Maho • Holtkamp • Mainca • Mono • National • Oliver • Record Blades with holes • Record Blades with pins • Renove • Rosen and Robert • Spain • Unimac • UBE (United Bakery Equipment) •  VLB • Wabama


How to order? 

Contact us today on 0114 2347352 or via email sales@proslice.co.uk with the information you have and we will be happy to help, alternatively forward your marked sample for the attention of “PROSLICE” with your contact details and we will contact you! 



Here is a diagram below to help you with the information we need? Don’t worry though if you do not have this, we will be able to help! 




Tooth Profiles – A variety of tooth profiles are available. 

Blade Ends – A variety of ends available, Oliver, Berkel, JAC, Doyon. 


Contact us for more information. 







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Our bakery band knives are produced in premium high carbon or stainless steel to resist fatigue, and longer lasting. With burr free  edges our band knives ensure smooth, flat clean slicers with reduced crumbling.


All our band knives are high frequency point hardened to increase durability and edge life. We flash butt weld to guarantee against weld breakage, and give consistent blade tensionning to minimise irregular (thick/thin) slices and breakage.


Unlike others, we offer the right band knife FOR all bread & bun slicing applications, from super soft white breads to dense variety bread. With a wide range of edge types – ½”, ¼” scallop, “V” tooth, precision ground on one or both sides, single or double bevel you are sure to find the right blade for you.




Matched Set Bread Slicer Bandsbread slicer machine 2

We can supply bread band knives in “EXACT LENGTH, MATCHED SET” as we understand that just the slightest variation in length of your band knives can result in irregular bread slicing and erratic blade tensioning on certain machines and product lines. How do we do it? After welding, bands are precision matched to a very high tolerance 

Meet or exceed industry standards for sharpness, reliability and longevity 



All Band Lengths cutting bread slicer

We hold a variety of band sizes ex-stock, but with short lead times we also offer custom band lengths. 


To suit all bread slicer machines 

We manufacture and supply band knives to suit various machines including Berkel, Daub, Dowson Food Machinery, Hartman, Geristal, Herlitzius, JAC National/Downson, Oliver, UBE, VLB, Wabama to name but a few.






Tooth Profiles available:


BKDB Scallop


  • 1/2″ pitch;
  • Used on soft-crusted, light textured breads, buns and rolls to reduce crumbing, tearing and pulling.
  • The successful BK edge with an additional secondary bevel for easier penetration and smoother finish.
  • The secondary bevel makes honing easier.
  • Versatile blade used for mixed production requirements (i.e. white/variety) for excellent finish with longer blade life.


BEZ Scallop


  • 1/4″ pitch;
  • 1/4″ Pitch allows more slicing action.
  • Designed to reduce crumbling while cutting
  • High performance blade to slice firm textured buns, rolls and muffins.
  • Especially suited for slower speed machines, slicing a variety of products.
  • The speciality blade (3/4″ x 0.14″) gives outstanding performance on muffins.


BEZDB Scallop



  • 1/4″ pitch;
  • Slices easier than BEZ edge to give a smooth finish on soft textured product.
  • The additional second bevel allows quicker and easier honing to maintain edge sharpness.
  • Easier penetrating and special edge geometry reduces crumbling.
  • Extensively used to slice softer crusted, light textured buns and rolls.



MDB V Tooth


  • 15 teeth per inch 1/4″ pitch;
  • The ultimate bun slicing blade.
  • Mini scallop, ultra sharp edge gives a superior, silky finish with cleanly defined edges.
  • Stays sharper longer, thus requiring less honing.
  • Outlasts and outperforms other conventional bun blades, slicing soft buns and rolls.


BK Scallop – Premium 


  • 1/2″ pitch, induction hardened teeth for durability and longevity
  • BK is a heavy duty blade that resists edge wear when slicing hard crusts and firm or dense textured breads.
  • Outstanding performer on whole wheat, variety and health breads (French, Italian, Rye).
  • Highly recommended for the difficult-to-slice health breads containing nuts, seeds etc.
  • Great general purpose blade for any type of bread. 


ABT Edge 


  • Unique scallop and V tooth edge designed and engineered to provide smooth consistent slicing, clean and crush free slice
  • 1/4″ pitch;
  • Perfect for a wide variety of retail, wholesale and commercial bread slicing applications
  • Great for gooey, sticky, crusty, hearty, nutty, warm sourdough and full grain, no crushing on warm sourdough
  • Available in bread slicing bands (matched set) in a wide selection of lengths, and also in bread slicer blades (reciprocating) in various lengths and end fittings to fit most commercial bread slicing machines, including Oliver, Berkel, JAC and Doyon

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