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Using our wealth of experience in metal cutting, ADS have selected world leading manufacturers including Hydmech Saws, MEP Saws, MEBA Saws and Kesmak to bring a comprehensive range of metal cutting bandsaws and circular saws to the UK market. Whether you are wanting a small bench mounted, hobby saw to a large automatic twin column CNC bandsaw for production sawing, be sure we have a saw for you!


Our horizontal bandsaw range include small manual pulldowns, semi-automatic, automatic and full cnc saws. Our saws also have varying features such as two way mitring, NC controls, laser marking systems, vice pressure reduction, overhead bundling, spray mist system, bar loading, handling systems and stacking/palleting systems to name but a few.  


We have horizontal bandsaws for all metal cutting applications, whether you are cutting tubes, section, solids of mild steel, stainless steel, titanium, supper alloy, alminium, nickel alloy and other varieties of metals.  


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At ADS we have a large saw demonstration area, and whether you visit our showroom or send us your material we will demonstrate to you free of charge the most efficient way of cutting it. ADS will not sell you a sawing machine without certain the saw will undertake, efficiently your particular application. 


Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact our sales team today who will be happy to assist you with your cutting application.


In addition to our bandsaw machines we provide a range of quality circular saws, vertical saws, or bandsaw blades. We also have a range of used bandsaws which is regularly updated with stock.