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ADS are proud to represent Hydmech saws exclusively in the UK both on the sale of new saws, spare parts and servicing/breakdown back up.


Celebrating over 35 years in the metal cutting industry, Hydmech saws continues to be a world leader with pioneering innovative designs and manufacturing within the metal cutting industry.


Below is an overview of the saws within Hydmechs range. However, for more detailed information about each product, click on the thumbnails below. There you will find saw footprints, capacity information, photographs and a PDF brochure for you to save and view at a later date.


Horizontal Automatic Bandsaws – H Serieshydmech automatic bandsaw


Hydmechs horizontal range of bandsaws are designed for high output, heavy duty production sawing. This series deliver straight cuts up to 80”. These saws can also be used in semi-automatic.

The horizontal H series saws are suitable for cutting all types of materials including High Performance Alloys such as Nickel Alloys, Titanium, Nimonic, Zirconium, Niobium and Stainless Steels.


Models are:


  • Hydmech H14A            14” x 14” (355mm x 355mm) Capacity
  • Hydmech H18A            18” x 18” (457mm x 457mm) Capacity
  • Hydmech H22A            22” x 22” (558mm x 558mm) Capacity
  • Hydmech H28A            28” x 28” (711mm x 711mm) Capacity
  • Hydmech H32A            32” x 32” (812mm x 812mm) Capacity

Models also available, H18A & H22A with 10ft or 5ft shuttle bar feed





Vertical Column Bandsaws – V Series



Hydmech’s vertical column bandsaws are high output, heavy duty saws with vertical tilt frames with the flexibility for two way mitre cutting. The Hydmech V series is available in semi automatic and automatic operation with cutting capapcities up to 30” and bar feeds


Semi-Automatic Models are:



Automatic with Shuttle Feed:






Horizontal Pivot Style Bandsaws (Scissor Styles) – S SeriesS20A


Hydmechs pivot style bandsaws are designed for medium to heavy duty applications with miter cutting up to 60°


Manual Models are:


  • Hydmech S20              13” x 18” (330mm x 457mm)    


Semi-Automatic Models are: 


  • Hydmech S20P            13” x 18” (330mm x 457mm)    
  • Hydmech S23P            16” x 20” (406mm x 508mm)    


Automatic Models are:


  • Hydmech S23A            16” x 20” (406mm x 508mm)     
  • Hydmech S20A            13” x 18” (330mm x 457mm)    




Vertical Contour Bandsaws – VCS Series

Heavy-duty, vertical contour-style bandsaws are multi-purpose to cut a large range of materials – from steel to aluminum, to wood, plastics, rubber, and everything in between! These versatile saws are designed with the flexibility to cut tight radius sections or larger cut-off sections.

Models are: