Do you want to cut faster?


Do you want your bandsaw blades to last longer?


Do you want optimal blade performance?


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We are extremely pleased to announce that we are now an official UK distributor of Lenox bi-metal and carbide bandsaw blades.


Why Lenox?

Lenox are always one step ahead!

With a dedicated research and development team Lenox are amongst the largest and most experienced bandsaw blade manufacturer in the world. Using the most advanced technology, constant testing throughout the design and manufacturing process alongside continuing investment in research and development; our customers can experience bandsaw blades that are proven to perform consistently, and bring you more value.


How we help our customers achieve the best performance from their bandsaw machines:-


  1. Help set up bandsaw machine for maximum productivity inc. reducing material scrappage.
  2. Advise on recommended maintenance for bandsaw machines
  3. Technical advice on all cutting applications
  4. Increase throughput of materials on the production lines
  5. Ongoing technical support where need to department managers
  6. Support operator training
  7. Help reduce workplace safety risks e.g. identify potential hazards We are working on our website to bring you more information on the extensive range of high quality Lenox bandsaw blades available.




Any additional information please see link to LENOX product pages or call our dedicated team on 0114 2347352 or email sales@adsprecision.com.



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