ADS Precision are excited to be able to supply to the market a new generation of unset carbide blades, Bahco’s 3860 TC.

The new 3860 TC range of bandsaw blades are designed to offer the best performance and efficiency on the market for cutting special alloys including titanium, stainless steel, hastalloy, waspalloy and other alloys. 3860 carbide bahco bandsaw blade

The Bahco 3860 TC bandsaw blade features an innovative multi chip design to increase durability and cutting performance.

It’s manufactured here in South Yorkshire and has a wide range of industry applications including in aerospace, aviation, defence and power generation.


The new Bahco 3860 TC carbide bandsaw range

3860 TCA - special design for maximum efficiency in cutting aluminium including big blocks. Featuring a rake angle of 12 degrees

3860 TCZ - designed for cutting hardened surgace bars for example chromed induction or graphite. Featuring a rake angle of 0 degrees

3860 TCT - designed for cutting difficult and abrasive materials such as stainless steels, inconel, nickel and titanium. Featuring a 10 degree angle

Bahco 3860 TC has been delivering improved performance on cutting special alloys and as such features in the following trade magazines:- 

bandsaw blades machinery worldEng - subcontractorPECM


“Blades Of Glory” –  published by The Number 1 International sheet metalworking and cutting tools journal, Machinery World in their latest issue (Page 24)   


“Carbide bandsaw blades improve cutting of special alloys “ published by Engineering Subcontractor, June 2016 issue


 “Carbide bandsaw blades for special alloys” – published by Processing Engineering Solutions magazine



If you require more information on the 3860 TC please contact us or click here for the full product information sheet, or view more of the BAHCO range. 



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