Orders now been taken for the new Hydmech V20APC Vertical bandsaw



ADS are pleased to present to the UK market the new Hydmech V20APC automatic vertical bandsaw. Designed to increase productivity, this vertical bandsaw offers a number of unique benefits for our heavy duty production cutting customers. 

We understand that you need to move your material quickly through your production facility and that accuracy is of paramount importance! With this in mind, the V20APC has a unique lift and carry shuttle which allows strapped bundles of material to pass by the fixed vice. The operator can now load strapped bundles of material directly onto the saw with confidence that the cuts will be accurate without interference from the strapping or clips.  Its rack and pinion, servo driven shuttle is exceptionally fast – moving material 8″ per second with automatic multi-indexing. The saw has four independent vices to allow complete flexibility through your cutting process. 



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Reduce training time and operator errors with the simple and intuitive Windows touch screen controller. It’s easy to operate the V-20APC with its icon driven interface. Pre-programmed sub routines are available to easily program bullet nose cuts and other shapes. This is done visually through the use of simple Material icon or Shape.




The blade chamber feature allows the operator to run the machine unattended without the possibility of the blade catching on the material as the head retracts. Without this feature the blade can be damaged as well as the blade guard, saw table, and guides. 


It’s rigid cast iron head and carriage assembly provides durability, stiffness and absorbs vibration during the cutting process. – saving you money! On demand hydraulics operate only when needed providing additional energy cost savings.





Its large 20” x 25” capacity allows you to cut a wide variety of material sizes and bundles and its ability to miter 60° both ways gives you the flexibility to automatically cut a wide variety of different profiles and angles without having to move the material

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