Bahco upgrades 3851 bandsaw blade – 3851 PRX brings longer blade life!

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Bahco upgrades 3851 to BAHCO 3851 PRX


What does this mean for the customer? 

  • Complete assortment range covering from 6mm – 80mm
  • Offering cutting solutions to General Purpose Customers and Production Cutting Applications cutting a wide range of materials
  • HSS material defined by blade application
  • More consistency in production
  • Longer blade life
  • Better chipping resistance without compromising hardness
  • Better vibration, heat and wear resistance for long blade life
  • Wider operating envelope within each TPI
  • More precise tooth form
  • Developed for cutting the toughest materials


Applications Include:  

  • Contour Cutting:

    Including aluminium and stainless steel

  • Production Cutting & General Purpose:

    Include cutting solids, bundles, profiles and castings


A major upgrade of the popular Bahco 3851 bandsaw blade has been launched onto the market improving bandsaw blade hardness, toughness and most importantly performance.


This is a more universal blade which will cut a greater range of material, sizes and shapes than conventional blades. It is available from 6mm to 80mm wide offering cutting solutions in production cutting and general purpose cutting applications.


Bahco have used a new higher grade of HSS special design wire to improve hardness, and toughness giving it s a consistent finish to the material, generating less friction and vibration, greater resistance to heat which in turn improves fatigue failure.


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