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MEP SHARK 452-1 CCS HYDRA Semi Automatic Pulldown Bandsaw

The Shark 452 -1 CCS (Cut Control System) is a manual pulldown with auto downfeed bandsaw machine with two way mitring from 0-60° left and right for cutting pipes, profiles and beams up to 450mm x 320mm.

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The Shark 442 -1 CCS Hydra is a semi-automatic bandsaw with two way mitring from 0-60° left and right for cutting pipes moveable on linear guides with ball recirculation

  • Control panel installed on articulated arm
  • Blade tensioning on display
  • Electronic inverter for the continuous adjustment of the band speed from 15 to 100m/min
  • Rotating table with mitring scale
  • Moveable bar suppot on linear guides for max mitre angle
  • Manually-operated blade tensioning through electronic transducer
  • Moveable guide arm on linear guides
  • Wire swarf brush
  • Electric coolant pump
  • Wash down hose
  • Tool Kit, Instruction manual and spare parts list also supplied.

    We also supply MEP BANDSAW BLADES and COOLANT for this machine.

    • Digital angle display
    • Hydraulic vice (instead of pneumatic vice)
    • Laser projector & work light
    • Electronic speed variator (inverter)
    • Spray mist system
    • K210 1.5m roller tables
    • K210 R1, R2, R3 flip over stop measuring system

    Cutting Capacity (mm)RoundSquareRectangle
    320mm320mm450mm x 320mm
    45° Left 320mm300mm300mm x 300mm
    60° Left 210mm200mm200mm x 200mm
    45° Right 320mm300mm300mm x 300mm
    60° Right 210mm200mm200mm x 200mm
    Technical Data
    Electric Motor Three Phase 4 KW
    Blade Size 4500mm x 34 x 0.9
    Variable Blade Speed – Three Phase 15÷100
    Machine Dimensions 3260mm x 1660mm
    Machine Weight 1140