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Hydmech H18A Twin Column Automatic Bandsaw

The Hyd-Mech H18A is an automatic horizontal bandsaw machine for medium to heavy duty production. Featuring a capacity of 18" x 18" (457mm x 457mm), and 1 1/2" (41mm) bandsaw blade.

Standard Features:


The Hydmech H28A is an automatic horizontal bandsaw for medium to heavy duty production. Featuring a capacity of 28″ x 28″ (711mm x 711mm), and 2”” (54mm) bandsaw blade. 

  • 5Kw Heavy Duty Motor with A/C Inverter drive and two stage heavy duty gearbox providing infinitely variable band speed allowing for efficient cutting on various different cutting applications;
  • Feeding roller conveyor and a shuttle vice unit with 813mm single stroke (multi-indexing);
  • Cast iron band wheels with heavy duty gearbox shaft bearings;
  • Hydraulically operated heavy duty cast iron guide arms;
  • Hydraulically actuated carbide guide housed in two heavy duty cast iron guide arms provides an accuracy of +/-0.05mm per linear mm of material and dampens vibration;
  • Powered blade brush;
  • Hydraulic carbide guide tensioning;
  • Hydraulic band tensioning with digital readout on LED display;
  • Halogen work light;
  • Coolant system with flow valves and wash down hose;
  • 3 position direction valve to control vices and head up/down;
  • Hydraulic positive direct down feed system providing easy adjustment of both head feed rate and cutting pressure. Feed rate readout is displayed on the machines PLC providing accurate adjustment and set up;
  • Electrical control cabinet;
  • High resolution feed rate valve;
  • Split front vice for shorty remnant length;
  • Hydraulically driven vertical vices for bundle cutting;
  • Variable vice pressure;
  • Vertical rollers positioned on each side of the machine feed conveyor;
  • Automatic PLC controls allowing for up to 99 different jobs to be called up and performed from memory, also with job queue function of up to 5 jobs to be picked from memory and run consecutively;
  • Blade breakage switch stopping the operation of the machine if the blade breaks;
  • Power driven chip auger built into the base of the machine and discharges at the side of the machine;
  • Safety door interlocks;
  • Hardened replaceable wear plates;
  • Service kit – consists of coolant hose, coolant valves, control fuses, push button bulbs blade tensioning switch, o-rings.  
  • We also supply BAHCO BANDSAW BLADES(Bi-Metal from M42 to High Production and Carbide), COOLANT, SPARES, SERVICING and REPAIRS for this machine. Please contact us for more details or browse our site.


Optional Features:


  • Overhead bundling;
  • Outboard vice;
  • 6 degree canted head
  • Spray mist system;
  • Laser beam light;
  • Outboard vice with bundling;
  • Roller outfeed table;
  • Blade deviation;
  • Pedestal control


Technical Data:







28” x 28”

(711mm x 71mm)


7.5 kW

Saw Blade

7620 x 54 x 1.6 mm

Saw Blade Speed

12-92 m/min

Dimensions (L x W x H)

4089 x 2337 x 3048mm