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MEP COBRA 352 Manual Pulldown Circular Saw

The Cobra 352 is a manual pulldown circular saw machine for cutting aluminium and light alloys. Featuring a cutting capacity of 180mm x 70mm and two way mitring 0-45° left and right.

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The Shark 281 CCS (Cut Control System) is a manual pulldown bandsaw machine with one way mitring from 0-60° on the left however unlike the standard Shark 281 the CCS has a hydraulic circuit with control valve for downfeed allowing the machine to work without the operator. Featuring a capacity of 280mm x 200mm.


  • Sturdy cast iron structure
  • Electrical control board with 24v equipped with motor overload protection
  • Carbide blade guides instead of bearings to ensure better stability
  • Quick release lever for mitring – Saw head pivots with tapered bearings
  • Vice with quick release lever
  • Self-contained coolant system within the saw base with electric pump
  • Double spring for counter balance for head return
  • Swarf brush driven by blade
  • Hydraulic circuit for blade tensioning and blade breakage
  • Measuring rod with scale for repeat cutting
  • Stock support roller Tool Kit, Instruction manual and spare parts list also supplied.


We also supply BAHCO BANDSAW BLADES and COOLANT for this machine.

  • (MA) Pneumatic Vice – vice opens and closes by means of a manually operatoed valve (or by means of a footpedal which is another option)
  • Laser Projector & Work Light
  • Spray mist system
  • 1.5 K110 Roller table sections for Infeed and Outfeed
  • R1, R2 and R3 Measuring system with flip over stop

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