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MEBA E-CUT 600A Automatic NC Straight Cut Bandsaw

Powerful. Precise. Energy efficient. 

Powered completely with electrical drives, this high precision bandsaw will improve your energy footprint and reduce your energy costs!  

Clean and gentle sawing and innovative electric ball screw saw feeding systems provides ultimate cutting performance and quality whilst minimising blade wear! 

Standard Features:

  • MEBA POWER PACKAGE: Lifting and lowering of the saw frame with a frequency regulated lead screw drive, with automatic cutting pressure and feed regulator
  • Rapid lowering of the saw frame via button into the material with an automatic material height detector
  • Electric material clamping on main and infeed vice via full stroke clamp over frequency regulated lead screw drive to ensure clean and gentle sawing – energy efficient
  • Automatic adjustment of saw blade guidance to material width
  • Central and easy to use control with moveable panel for flexible operation
  • Bearing for band wheels on both sides for high rigidity
  • Minimum speed and saw blade control on the band wheel
  • AC Drive 15-150m/min
  • Powerful, frequency controlled saw blade drive
  • Robust 2 column linear guided saw frame
  • Saw frame guidance by pre-stressed linear guide ways and warp resistant frame construction
  • Ribbed clamping bars on infeed and main vice
  • Driven saw blade cleaning brush
  • Double clamping on main vice
  • Inclination of saw blade is at 3°
  • Combined precise saw blade carbide roller guidance
  • Saw blade tension by torque wrench
  • Integrated and removable chip collection tray
  • Coolant equipment can be combined with MEBA spray mist system
  • Controlled operator friendly NC Dialog control with text display, CE Panel
  • Program memory – 50 programs with 20 sets each
  • Innovative electric saw feed by ball screw technique on linear guides – provides ultimate cutting performance and quality while minimizing blade wear
  • Cutting canal is calculated automatically on multi stroke function
  • 3 counters for total production time, saw blade service life and production order


Optional Features:

  • Chip Conveyor 1000mm
  • Transportable Chip Carriage
  • Blade Deflection Control
  • MEBA spray mist system
  • Zero face positioning (Bar end finder)
  • LED Work light


Technical Data:





NC automatic

45° L


Ø 600 600 X 600

45° R



9.0 kW

Saw Blade

7900 x 54 x 1.6 mm

Saw Blade Speed

15 – 150 m/min.

length of remaining piece

without bundle clamp

manual: 25 mm

automatic: 95 mm

length of remaining

piece with bundle clamp

manual: 120mm

automatic: 170mm

max. material size with

bundle clamp

Ø 600/ 500 x 600 mm


shortest Ø


Dimensions (L x W x H)

1950 x 5000 x 2400mm

Working Height