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MEBA ECO 410 DGA Automatic CNC Double Mitre Bandsaw

Automatic CNC Double Mitre Bandsaw

Capacity: 410mm 

Two Way Mitring

MEBA Power Package 

Patented Mitre System 

Standard Features:

  • Central and easy to use CNC control panel based on Windows CE software: (including Teleservice for remote maintenance, Creation of saw programs in the office, Imports saw programs from CAD with DSTV-interface and data export)
  • Unique patented double mitre design: Allows the material to be clamped by the vices automatically at 90° to the saw blade (rectangular & close to the saw blade)
  • NC Automatic mitring
  • Digital mitre display, accuracy +/-0.1°
  • Moveable blade guide arm, adjustable to suit material width
  • Combined precise saw blade carbide – roller guidance
  • Hydraulic saw blade tension
  • MEBA POWER PACKAGE: Lifting & lowering of the saw head with a frequency regulated lead screw drive, with an automatic cutting pressure and feed regulator. Rapid lowering of the saw frame via button until material edge – 3.0kw motor
  • Powerful frequency regulated AC blade drive 15-150 m/min
  • Hydraulic material full stroke clamping
  • Minimum speed and saw blade control on the band wheel
  • Step less height adjustment by height sensing
  • Automatic material feed: compact design for short sections and flexible infeed shuttle system for almost any length
  • Electric mitre swivelling by servo motor
  • Accurate positioning of the material by servo-positioning technique
  • Innovative electric saw feed by ball screw technique:
    An innovative electric saw feed by ball screw technique provides ultimate cutting performance and quality while minimizing blade wear
  • Uses latest linear ball guideways to provide solid smooth running, maintenance-free performer
  • Saw blade size 41mm x 4400


Optional Features:

  • 1000mm, 2300mm and 3300mm Shuttle Feed Available
  • Laser Light
  • Driven Swarf Brush
  • MEBA spray mist system
  • Hydraulic clamping pressure regulator
  • Hydraulic bundle clamping (full stroke width)
  • NC Server – Data transfer & production planning
  • Zero face positioning (Bar end finder)
  • LED Work light
  • Hydraulic saw blade clamping
  • Swarf conveyor
  • Swarf bucket
  • Roller track also available for infeed and outfeed


Technical Data:






CNC automatic

45° L

Ø 410 430 x 410


Ø 410 700 x 410

45° R

Ø 410 500 x 410


Ø 320 320 x 410


5.5 kW AC

Saw Blade

5800 x 41 x 1,1 mm

Saw Blade Speed

15 – 150 m/min.

length of remaining piece

without bundle clamp

manual: 75 mm

automatic: 330 mm

length of remaining

piece with bundle clamp

manual: 260 mm

automatic: 330

max. material size with bundle clamp

Ø 410 / 430 x 410

shortest Ø


Dimensions (L x W x H) (DGA-600)



4500 x 2800 x 2000 mm


5500 x 2800 x 2000 mm

Working Height



(DGA-2300) 3210 kg

(DGA-3300) 3410 kg