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MEBA Mat 330 Automatic Bandsaw with Automatic NC System

Key Features

  • Fully enclosed high performance bandsawing machine for safe, clean, and quiet operation
  • Compact and practical construction: space saving, easy to access during machine commissioning, saw blade change (large doors) and maintenance activities (inspection openings)
  • Carbide compatible power-package: sawing of solid material, tubes, and profiles. Trouble free cutting of hardened material while saving blade life
  • Maximum, reliable productivity for continious runs in single- and multi-shift operation
  • Secure transport of material by closed roller table. Increased, hardened tensioning elements and a high clamping force guarantee an efficient transport of materials. The result: product quality
  • Dynamics and power: saw feed and material feed by ball lead screw with servo-motor for accurate cuts, without compromises
  • Precision and reliability: use of latest linear ball guideways to provide solid smooth running
  • Minimum length of remaining piece by innovative vice system
  • The ergonomic panel-control can be linked and provides several options: Teleservice for remote maintenance, creations of saw programs in the office, import of saw programs from CAD with DSTV-interface and data export, job library, material database
  • Intelligent control: networking and communication between drive systems and control unit. Thus, all the important parameters are monitored
  • Hydraulic and constant saw blade tension
  • Lateral saw blade carbide-roller guidance, preloaded hydraulically
  • Clamping rods can be turned around (either ribbed or smooth) on the infeed and main vice
  • Inclination of saw blade is at 3°
  • Stepless regulation of saw blade speed
  • Minimum speed- and saw blade control on the band-wheel
  • Latest vice system for an accurate material transportation
  • Removable coolant tank for easy cleaning
  • Operating hour counter for total time, saw time and order time
  • Automatic adjustment of moveable saw blade guidance to material width
  • Driven saw blade cleaning brush, synchronized with the saw blade
  • Geometrically optimized surfaces, therefore easy accessible during cleaning work
  • Vibration-optimised, torsion-resistant, robust construction


Cutting capacity





350 x 330

Motor [kW]


Saw blade [mm]

4900 x 34 x 1,1

Dimensions [mm] (length x width x height)

2400 x 1650 x 2200

Weight [kg]


Material weight

max. 500 kg/m