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MEP TIGER 352 SXI EVO Semi Automatic Circular Saw

The Tiger 352 SXI EVO is a Semi-Automatic vertical circular saw machine. Featurning a capacity of 180mm x 95mm and mitring 0.60° left and 0-45° right.

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MEP Tiger 352 SXI EVO Semi-Automatic vertical circular saw machine. Featuring a capacity of 180mm x 95mm and mitring 0.60° left and 0-45° right.

  • Multifunction display for machine parameters
  • Diagnostic display and alarms
  • Work height set directly from control panel
  • Double set of gears to obtain high performance
  • Head movement on double linear guides
  • Coaxial cylinder with bypass valve for fast approach and linear transducer for head position reading
  • Rotating table on a centre pin with axial bearing which allows high precision when setting the cutting angle
  • Pneumatic vertical vice
  • Steel base with swarf drawer and removable coolant tray
  • Electric coolant pump
  • Chip brush for blade cleaning
  • Measuring rod with scale for repeat cutting

We also supply CIRCULAR BLADES and COOLANT for this machine. Tool Kit Instruction manual and spare parts list also supplied 

  • Spindle speed 30/60/90/180rpm instead of standard
  • Supplementary pneumatic vice
  • Spray mist system
  • K40/1500mm roller table in 1.5m lengths
  • R1, R2 and R3 measuring system with flip over measuring stop
  • Supplementary Foot pedal control with emergency stop