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Forestry wood cutting blades  


  • High hardness tooth by using bi metal technology – high speed steel using M2 tool steel (hardness 66-67 HRC)
  • Fatigue resistant spring steel backing (D6A alloyed steel 44-46 HRC)
  • Very high resistance to fatigue from high speed operation, and M2 tool steel gives superior extended hardness
  • High quality materials
  • Full “in line” heat treatment process guarantees straightness & high quality finish
  • Total quality control
  • One blade to cover all different types of wood (soft, hard, exotic) operating successfully both in winter and summer
  • High cutting accuracy
  • Reduced downtime
  • Maximum throughput speeds 9upto 8m/min) and cutting speed up to 30m/second
  • Cutting performance of 45-50 cubic meters of wood before re grinding

Bahco 3861 Series Wood Bandsaw Blades

  • Designed using bi metal technology – extended life over carbon blades – reduced downtime


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Wood mill & Portable Forestry Application Blades

  • These blades are seen in wood mills and petrol/diesel operated portable bandsaws such as Woodmizer & Baker
  • Improved performance cutting frozen timber and hardwoods
  • Re-sharpens in days not hours
  • For all applications
  • 34mm (0.9 & 1.1)


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“Hook” tooth type

  • Sharp teeth with a 10 degree rake angle and shallow gullets
  • “narrow kerf” technology provides a reliable alternative to the wide circular saw blades used in traditional wood mills.


Multi head & Furniture

  • Multi head (Baker type), single head applications including furniture & mould applications


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Pallet Stripping & Reconditioning


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Bahco 3862- D6A alternative to carbon


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