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Vertical Bandsaws


ADS Precision Ltd are excited to introduce to the market the new automatic vertical column bandsaw:-

Hydmech V20 APC

25″ x 20″

60° Mitring both directions

Watch the video below to see this saw in action.

Images below of the V20 APC automatic vertical saw in November at Fabtech, Chicago!

Keep an eye out for more information to come, alternatively contact our sales team on 0114 2347352

Hydmech Vertical Tilt Frame Bandsaws

Hydmech’s vertical column bandsaws are high output, heavy duty saws with vertical tilt frames with the flexibility for two way mitre cutting. The Hydmech V series is available in semi automatic and automatic operation with cutting capabilities up to 30” and bar feeds.

VW-18, V-18, V-18 APC, V-20, V-20 APC, V-25, V25-APC

Hydmech Vertical Contour Bandsaws

Heavy-duty, vertical contour-style saws are multi-purpose to cut a large range of materials – from steel to aluminum, to wood, plastics, rubber, and everything in between! These versatile machines are designed with the flexibility to cut tight radius sections or larger cut-off sections.


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