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Circular Saw Blades

ADS are proud to supply Taube circular saw blades. Taube have been manufacturing professional quality circular saw blades since 1930, and manufacture their blades for the specific needs of each customer.

Taube specialise in HSS circular knives, DIN circular saw blades, TCT saw blades, friction blades, circular knives and band saws.

Physical Vapour Deposited (PVD) coatings are extremely durable and are usually around three to four times harder than regular tool steel. The PVD coating is applied at a uniform thickness across the blade, by being rotated at a constant speed as the coating is applied.

Taube’s blades are available in 6 different PVD coatings (Tin, Red, E-red, Tialn, Ticn, Alticn and Elite). There is a Taube PVD coating option for all cutting applications, for both manual and automatic production cutting.

Identifying the correct tooth pitch is an essential part of any cutting application, which is why Taube provide a range of toothing geometry options suitable for many different materials.

See below our most popular coatings.




We carry various blades in stock and offer a next day service.

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