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Used Bandsaws & Circular Saw Machines

At ADS we have a wide range of refurbished and used bandsaw and circular saw machines. All of our used bandsaw machines can be viewed in our showroom. All our saws are run, tested, and serviced to ensure that you experience the same confidence and service as if you were buying a new saw. Most of our used machines are acquired from trade-ins from our existing customers who have purchased new metal cutting saws from us.

We hold various types of saws:

  • Used automatic bandsaws & circular saws
  • Used semi automatic bandsaws & circular saws
  • Used manual / pulldown bandsaws & circular saws
  • other machinery eg, lathes, milling machines, drilling

All range of manufacturers:

  • Used Kasto bandsaws
  • Used Behringer bandsaws
  • Used Rusch bandsaws
  • Used Mega, CBs,
  • Used Missler bandsaws
  • Used Hydmech bandsaws
  • Used MEP bandsaws
  • Used Amada bandsaws

See below our current bandsaws for sale, but please contact us as our stock changes on a weekly basis and we may also know of saws due to come into our stock. Call us 0114 2347352 or email

Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact our sales team today who will be happy to assist you with your cutting application.