The New 3858 PQ Bandsaw Blade – A CUT ABOVE THE REST

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The New BAHCO 3858 Sandflex P9000 PQ Bandsaw Blade


Improved hardness and toughness of the blade, results in excellent tooth edge performance, improved wear resistance and longer blade life 

This new blade offers all the benefits of the BAHCO traditional PQ range, offering a very precise blade due to the consistent, precise tooth height, consequently every tooth will give the same chipload when cutting. This translates into more even tooth wear (better tool life) and limiting the risk off overloading a tooth (less risk on tooth breakage). Plus, the sharp 17º rake angled teeth lower the cutting forces, giving more efficient “cool” cutting.

The PQ tooth geometry is characterized by repeating groups of high and low set teeth separated by an unset tooth. This means that High teeth will penetrate the material removing the work hardened area, and the Low teeth will give the support to the high teeth, helping to prevent overloading and breakage.

Also as the existing PQ, the teeth have double set which will increase the number of chips on the cut, providing a lower chipload for improved performance.

The Powder Metallurgy HSS is an important alternatives to conventional HSS Steels, since it offers improved properties in hardness and toughness, which can’t be obtained in traditional high speed steels.

Powder metallurgy HSS has the ability to use alloying which is not possible in conventionally melted HSS, allowing a more advanced alloying while still having a superior microstructure and stability. This truly leads to an excellent performance of the tooth edges.

Main Product Features

The original 3854 PQ blade is described by:

  • Precise set for smooth finish.
  • Special design in combination with sharp cutting edges for easy penetration
  • Lower cutting forces
  • Better chipping resistance
  • Developed for cutting difficult metals.

The new 3858 – Sandflex PQ P9000 will add to it:

  • Better life – improved wear resistance
  • Higher toughness, harder teeth for longer wear.
  • More consistency in the hardness from batch to batch, so more reliable blade
  • Cuts a greater range of work piece sizes and shapes than conventional blades.
  • Design to exceed cutting hard & exotic materials

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